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Welcome to HENK's Clanpage

* Clan HENK was formed at the X-life 10 lanparty in 2007 *

Based on a friend-group that loves to play games together this Clan became a solid group of fraggers, campers, winners, smokers, leechers, slackers, aimbotters, sprayers, clickers, newbs, but on top of that; best friends!

 First it started of with some online gaming, as we all had a Counter Strike 1.6 background. Clan HENK joined some ladders, but never really got the official wars of the ground. Some matched where played, with a 16-1 lost against the Dutch #1 cs1.6 Clan Shadows.

Alot of practice wars was what we ended up with the past few years. Meanwhile Clan HENK joined and organised alot of lanparty's, where we picked up the game Warcraft III: Defence of the Ancients (DotA). Playing compo's at Lanparty's was more succesfull for HENK, winning some top3 prices with cs1.6 and DotA.

Nowadays Clan HENK has around 10members, some core members, and close friends. With the core members we are building a solid Cs1.6 squad for some serious online competitions at ESL. DotA is something we save for compo's at lanparty's. We are also building this new website.

Because this Clan is build with close friends we are well known for the friendly and loud atmosphere. We like to hang out together, do some indoor climbing, play poker, burn down some meat on the BBQ or ride some go karts.


Enjoy your stay at our Clanpage,



HENK Strava

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